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Craig-y-Don Printing Works Ltd is a family company, founded in the 1960s by Gordon Edwards and run today primarily by son Tony and daughter Trilby. As the company has expanded over the years, that "family" has grown to include other staff but the sense of family is still as strong as ever. The company spirit is one of respect and teamwork, and there is a great emphasis on friendliness.


From its humble origins, the company has grown and adapted significantly over the past 50 plus years to become one of the area's biggest and most successful printing companies and has become a valued part of the local community.

As the company's reputation grew, the number of clients increased (and continues to do so today), which has led to investment in new technology and staff recruitment. The premises have also been expanded to now include an additional factory at the back of the original one.

Perhaps the most significant change in the company, however, is computer technology. Computer technology has revolutionised the printing industry over the past two decades, and Craig-y-Don Printing Works has always kept up to date with the very latest this technology has to offer, leading to significantly faster production times (and of course greatly improved graphic design capabilities).


For the Edwards family, printing is more than just a business; it is a family tradition and something they take a great pride in doing. This sentiment is shared by the whole team; each of whom has an enthusiastic attitude towards their responsibility for making sure the job is done right.

From the original design, right through to the finished product; any job undertaken is subject to quality control checks at every stage along the way, to ensure that the final job looks nothing less than perfect.